Looking back on January

It’s the first day of February today, and it’s amazingly, a sunny day! One twelfth of 2014 has gone. What did you do in January?

The first thing we achieved was the opening of our Etsy shop. It was opened on the first day of 2014. Since then, shoppers started to favourite our products and follow our shop. We haven’t got that exciting first ever sale yet, but we are not discouraged. There are only three sets of postcards in our shop at the moment, we have a lot more photos and ideas to put on the shelf in the near future!

Screen shot 2014-02-01 at 12.38.40

My levitation photos undoutably brought me most fun and attention. I never expected that! It was the first time I was happy to be the model of any photography project. I normally prefer to be behind the camera. I got a lot of positive and lovely feedbacks from friends and families, and a lot of “how did you do that” as well. All my levitation photos are on this blog, just search “levitation”!

© 2013 Rong Fu, All Rights Reserved. andyandrong@gmail.com

Some of you might have heard one of my new year resolutions is to keep reading. I got some recommendations from friends and families, I also found this reading list from TED, which looks very interesting. I’ll be updating my reading list over the year. For the whole of January, I’ve been reading Les Miserable (not in French unfortunately!). I loved the chapters on the Battle of Waterloo.

My another new year resolution is to keep walking. We went to the Peak District in January. It was my first ever visit. It was full of history, which was unexpected. I expect to see nature on a walking trip (it didn’t disappoint me), but history? But hey we’re in England, there’s history around every corner. Bonnie Prince Charlie stayed in the Youth Hostel we stayed in, Mary Queen of Scotts visited the hotel we walked past randomly. Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice, The Other Bolyne Girl and many others were filmed in this area. And it was a popular destination for walkers and climbers. The famous Pennine Way starts here too. I would love to go back.

© 2014 Rong Fu, All Rights Reserved. andyandrong@gmail.com

Also we haven’t been walking in Wales yet. It’s such a beautiful country of mountains and coastline! There was a 1,000-mile challenge in the Country Walking magazine. We might not go for the 1,000-mile goal, but living in such a walkable country, I would love to spend my weekends and holidays walking. Plus we’ve done a few walking trips in the Lake District and Scotland already. They were definitely some of our best memories. Oh exciting! I need to start planning!

© 2012 Rong Fu, All Rights Reserved. andyandrong@gmail.com © 2012 Rong Fu, All Rights Reserved. andyandrong@gmail.comThis is on the Isle of Arran, Scotland. 

I have been following an online course and studying Japanese since last September. I’d never done an online course before, and was always sceptical about them. But this one really works for me. My dream of speaking Japanese and traveling in Japan has never been closer! I will keep working on that (learning the language and planning a trip to Japan, maybe a walking trip? Any suggestions?)

Last night, I hosted our first sewing club! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Having a couple of friends home, chatting and sewing together was an experience I never had before and one that I’d love to have again. I’ve been working on Vogue 8829 for a while now. I managed the cuffs (a sigh of relief), but I still need to pluck up the courage to face the giant of collars. One friend just had a very sweet baby girl, so she’ll be making clothes and accessories for her little one. The other friend has just started sewing and will be making bags as gifts for people. I might share a little experince of doing crochet in the future as well.

IMG_1042I also would like to say congratulations to Tilly from Tilly and the Buttons for her new book releasing soon. I got her email update about this on the last day of January. I’ll be looking forward to it!

Last of all, happy Chinese New Year to you all. It’s the year of horse. All you who’re 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84, 96 and 108 years old in 2014, this is your year! Go celebrate!

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