A Very Empty and Full March

It’s very empty…

I looked through my digital diary and my paper diary back and forth three times – there were not many dates marked at all, apart from these:

Event no.1 getting new glasses made – my eyesight got worse yet again! I was told hundreds of times when I was little that, when I grew old, at one point my eyesight would stop getting worse. But that point has never happened, yet.

Event no. 2 a farewell party for a friend. It’s amazing how deep a friendship you can build in just a few months time. When he said goodbye, he laughed and said “I don’t cry, I never cry. I leave a part of me here and I’ll come back.” (If he ever gets famous, I can always blackmail him with the video of his 8min farewell speech haha.)

I have to confess I haven’t done any dress making or photography. We did start gardening though. Food! I have to write a separate entry about our homemade ice cream which everybody loved. And our experiments on all the soups! So far we’ve tried Green Soup 1, Green Soup 2, Red Soup and Orange Soup. We’ll do a Grey Soup this weekend. Vegetables are so colourful! I’m still reading Les Miserables… Almost the end I think. What shall I read next? Something shorter maybe?

It’s very full…

So what have I been doing all month? I’ve been working very hard of course! If you still remember my February Monthly Review, you’ll remember I got a new job. Just to explain a bit about my new job. To be brief but accurate, I translate Chinese speaking ads into English. I love my concise job description (especially if comparing it with my previous one!).

I just got paid for the first month. It reminded me of my first EVER time got paid four years ago. I checked my bank balance on an ATM machine one day, and confusingly, noticed there was a few hundreds pound more money. It took me a good few seconds to realise I just got paid! I was so excited I called my parents straightaway – who were on the other side of the world, 8 hours ahead of me. I heard my dad said very slowly: “Yes? Are you OK? You got paid? Right, OK… It’s midnight here. We’re sleeping.” And he hung up.

The new job is good. It might be a bit frustrating from time to time (because of my poor vocabulary concerning baby poo, dental plaque and pollen in the air). I’ve been learning everyday – I can almost use “hydrating” “hydration” and “hydrated” correctly now; I know the room perfume with sticks on is called reed diffuser; I know Colgate is the No.1 toothpaste brand recommended by dentists, and Oral B is the No.1 toothpaste brand used by dentists themselves (this amuses me); Za has a skincare product combining toner, lotion and essence in order to simplify the everyday routine, and Shiseido has a product aimed at a similar purpose combining all of the above PLUS daily protector and even foundation! It’s great fun most of the time. And it’s definitely cool working with two PC monitors.

I’m getting used to my full time working life. Amazingly, the house does not look like a pigsty, and the whole family (the two of us) is fed with homemade lunches and dinners. I got used to going to bed one hour early and trying to relax and not doing much in the evening – so there was nothing done to our baby shop either (just to be clear: it’s a photography shop, we don’t sell babies). But there are things happening in April – Easter is coming, there are plans for walking, sewing club, a special birthday party and even potential travel to a faraway land! I’m looking forward to enjoying every single day.

How was your March and what are you looking forward to in April?

Evernote Camera Roll 20140330 083353

This is a screenshot from an app called “good weather”.

The fog over the weekend was very impressive. “This is how I always pictured England!”

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