Lavender 2014

I got interested in gardening because of one episode of Gardeners’ World in autumn 2011. It was one of the last episodes before winter – I remember I couldn’t wait for the next spring to come.That spring I had the first experience of seeing sweet pea seeds geminate and amazed at it (with a lot of grinning). In that episode, Monty was teaching how to make leaf mould in a bin bag – funny enough that’s one thing I haven’t tried. Then my wonderful mother-in-law gave me a whole year of Gardeners’ World magazine subscription (and a lot of garden centre vouchers subsequently). I studied them every month – with highlighters and sticky notes. I learnt a lot of new words about gardening, like compost, seedling and propagation. I got to know a lot of names from the gardening world, Monty Don, Carol Klein, Sarah price and James Wong. I also got to know Chelsea Flower Show, ash die back, helping the bees and butterflies and many national news and “movements”. I appreciate gardens and natural landscape better.

I also met my first enemy – the slug.

My garden is about three years old. I can proudly say that every single plant is planted by us. It’s a show garden of our local garden centre’s plants in sales (the latest found was a lilac) and Gardeners’ World Magazine’s reader’s plants offer for the last three years: alliums, clematis, tomatoes etc. The most recent additions are lavenders.

June ReviewThere were Hidcote, Ellagance Sky, Ellagance Pink and Ellagance Ice, 12 of each. They came at the end of June, as tiny plug plants like this, standing in cleverly designed things (anyone know what they’re called?) So my last Saturday in June was spent potting 48 lavenders.

Lavender 2014

A tiny imperfect thing will grow into a huge lovely plant!

Lavender 2014

Lavender 2014

This was the first one I potted, which was neat and snug, and done with a lot of patience. But there were 48 of them in total. You can imagine what happened to the later ones…

Lavender 2014

Lavender 2014

I labeled them carefully this time. I didn’t do it last year, which means the beautiful row of lavenders in my garden at the moment has two different types of lavenders in it. Fortunately they are both purply colour so it’s not too obvious. But you can tell if looking closely. They’re very lovely, aren’t they? The perfect but naturally shaped dome, slightly spilling over the path. It’s hard to believe they were tiny plug plants as well just two years ago.

Lavender 2014

The potting day was about two weeks ago. I think some of them have grown already! But I just poked my head out and checked, Elegance Ice seemed not to survive very well. Any idea why?

I probably don’t need any more lavender for the next 10 years. But I’ll be watching out for Gardeners’ World readers’ offers. Thanks very much :)


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