Blossom Beneath the August Sun

My garden is looking tired and the days are getting shorter. Summer is leaving us!

Our wedding anniversary was in August. My husband gave me some lovely presents and surprises. I felt very guilty because all I did was make him full English breakfast in the morning. We haven’t been married for long, and it will never be long enough!

If you still remember the translation I started in March this year, the good news is I finished the first half of it and it went back to the publisher. With a bit more experience and knowing the client a bit better, the second half should go even better.

We went on a walking holiday in North Yorkshire. I have posted two days out of three of our Yorkshire Three Peaks holiday here and here. The story of our last day on the highest mountain is coming soon! With a lot of photos as usual.

I made two scarves following a triangular scarf pattern in Crochet Workshop by Erika Knight. My first time trying out lacy pattern, without a lace yarn though… there was a problem of yarn shortage, especially the blue one below. I used Rowan Kidsilk Haze Trio, which I found in a reduced bucket and was delighted. But there wasn’t enough and the yarn is discontinued. But I still finished it and I’m happy with the result.

Blossom Beneath the Autumn Sun

Blossom Beneath the Autumn Sun

Blossom Beneath the Autumn Sun

I’m going to do something exciting with wool in the coming month. Can’t wait to share with you!

You might remember we took photos for a couple at their wedding last month. Because of the rain, we couldn’t take any photos outdoors. The couple contacted us again after honeymoon and asked for an extra session. We had a good time. The evening light was beautiful and it was a pleasant experience not having to rush to the reception. More photos and story about that to come!

Blossom Beneath the Autumn Sun

Blossom Beneath the Autumn Sun

There was another wedding for two friends in August. You may still remember their summery pre-wedding photos in Jesmond Dene. More photos and stories of their wedding to come as well!

The Great British Bake Off has started and I’ve been watching! So you might see a few more cooking/baking posts from me.

Our church ‘home group’ decided to have a social in the Lake District. It was like a dream to be able to go to the Yorkshire Dales AND Lake District within the space of a month! A friend’s parents live on a farm near Ullswater. I always wondered what life on farm was like every time I walked pass sheep and cows. It was very different, but lovely! Thanks for having us!

We almost ran up Hallin Fell in order to get back down in time to catch the Steamer back to Pooley Bridge. But we couldn’t get to the top. If there were 15 more minutes! But I was happy enough to see Ullswater again.

Blossom Beneath the Autumn Sun

1 September is always the first day of the new school term where I’m from. I used to look forward to going back to school, to my friends and my classroom, excited about the fragrance of the new books, making neat book covers from old calendars, new subjects, new teachers, endless chatter and laughter on and off the classes. It’s a shame that kind of feeling doesn’t exist anymore. But I just suddenly remembered them at the end of August.







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