Poem in October

Wales’ greatest poet Dylan Thomas was born 100 years ago this October. Just in case you’re wondering about the title.

Poem in October

We went to see family in Devon. Braunton Burrows was a new scenery for me. It’s a sand dune system which is quite unique to that part of Devon and is the largest in England. It has a big variety of plants and animals which are unique to this type of ecosystem. But to my untrained eyes, there was just a lot of long grass. Maybe next time I should join a guided tour.

There was also an (overly) energetic family running up and sliding down a sand dune. They pushed an older lady in their group (my poor mother in-law) down the hill and she landed on her nose and broke her glasses slightly. It made me quite worried. (I didn’t investigate them thoroughly enough before I married into this crazy family!)

About the charity event we took part in the following day, the only thing I vividly remember was the bright green bath water afterwards.

Poem in October

Poem in October

I chopped all the lavender flowers at the beginning of the month. One of them is flowering right now out in my garden again. Not sure what I should do with it. All strawberries were chopped back after a surprising late season harvest. All tomatoes were binned. The majority of the fruit stayed green stubbornly until the end. The blueberry gave me some unexpected and spectacular autumn colour. I have long given up on deadheading one of my roses. It doesn’t bother the rose at all. It blooms and blooms and will continue until the first snow.

Friends from my Uni time from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Nigeria come to Newcastle this month. So many people come and go. But with certain friends, you can just pick up the topics and talk like you last said goodbye to them yesterday.

Poem in October

My husband and I were given two tickets of a Bach concert in Sage Gateshead. We do not know much about music and my last classical music concert memory was from my early teenage years, that I had to try very hard to keep my eyes open. But the concert was lovely. I loved the sound of the mini piano looking music instrument. I’m ashamed to say I don’t know how it’s called. We enjoyed it very much.

Poem in October

Poem in October

I made some Welsh cakes to make my Welsh auntie proud. She made heart shape welsh cakes for our wedding and posted a box of them after our honeymoon with a sticky note saying, here are some specific for you because you were too busy to eat on the wedding day. The pink sticky note is still on our kitchen wall. And her welsh cakes were different and taste better than mine! I’m requesting her recipe at the moment.

The yarn shop, Wooly Minded, on one of the main shopping streets in Newcastle, was expanded to twice its original size. I was thrilled to see it. The owner of the shop has agreed to tell me a little bit about her shop. I will post something about it soon!

Church choir rehearsals for Christmas have started. It’s a mixture of classic and modern music and songs. There will be 10 carol services between 7 and 14 December. About 5300 people came through our church door last year. I have a mixed feeling about Christmas time at church. I don’t like the chaotic and over-busyness, but I don’t like missing the hustle and bustle either… anyway I need to catch up with Christmas shopping…

The translation project is still going. I was told the first half is almost finished, and will see its first group of readers in Hong Kong! It’s exciting. But I do hope they would communicate better about the progress. It feels like working for a spy agency.

I have been scrapbooking all month. In the end I was almost a bit sick of it. But it was all worth it. We went to Copenhagen – my second European city! (I know! I can’t believe it either, I’ve been in the UK for six years, I’ve just been to Europe for the second time) I’ll tell you ALL about it in the future posts.

The darkness falls each afternoon really early now and I’ve had to give up my favourite cycle route home. My office window faces west. I can watch beautiful sunsets almost everyday, full of sadness – it’s getting dark, and awe – it’s a grand and wonderful view to behold.






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