November: With the last red berries and the first white snows

The trip to Copenhagen was the first and the most exciting thing that happened in November. After living in the UK for 6 years, Copenhagen is my second visit to another European city. I don’t mind traveling in Europe or not. I’m very happy staying on this small island. (But maybe I will go to Europe more often…)

Apart from a post about food, I haven’t done anything about our trip to Copenhagen. I’ll put a few random photos here for now. Hopefully more detailed travel posts will follow.

November: With the last red berries and the first white snows

This was the first night in Copenhagen. We were just wandering around. I liked the colourful buildings and the irregular pattern of the ground. Sorry about the wonkiness of the photo. But I quite like it.

November: With the last red berries and the first white snows

November: With the last red berries and the first white snows

The visit to the Round Tower was a light-hearted one. Because it was the first place we went on that day. Our bellies were happy with the breakfast. The sun was shining. There weren’t many people in the street. Most importantly, the tilted floor gave me a childlike feeling, making me want to skip up and down the spiral walk. (And I did!)

November: With the last red berries and the first white snows

This was inside Frederiksborg Castle. This was one of the places I wanted to see most. But it was so dark inside my eyes couldn’t focus, identify or appreciate the beauty of the place at all. This was the first time in my life that my camera could see better than me. I WILL tell you more about this.

November: With the last red berries and the first white snows

Miss Mermaid from a different angle.

November: With the last red berries and the first white snows

The Church of Our Saviour. We loved it. We have a poster of this view hanging on our living room wall now. We climbed through all the amazing bells and along the spiral staircase all the way to the top. The thick fog veiled the view from us but it also stopped us from feeling sick.

November: With the last red berries and the first white snows

Two men in the world who love me most. Not sure what they saw there.

Christmas is in about two weeks time. Christmas Carols in our church is one of the highlights of the year. Not only for the congregation, but also for a lot of people from a wider area. I joined the choir this year. Choir rehearsals started at the end of October. There are two types of carols at the end of each year: Advent Carols and Carols by Candlelight. There are only two Advent Carols services. But ten Carols by Candlelight services. If I can compare them with gardens, Carols by Candlelight is like the most famous gardens, with streams of tourists all year round and you can find pictures of it all over the internet. But Advent Carols is like a hidden gem, a garden designer’s own home, with the best variety of plants.

Church took us to Keswick for the annual Weekend Away. The Lake District is like an old friend to me now. I have my mind on Buttermere and Rosthwaite for next summer.

Two tidying books by Japanese women authors are on my bedside table. They are both interesting – the second one is more useful than the first one, the first one is a lot more funny than the second one. So I’ve been tidying joyfully quite a lot. I know! I didn’t think tidying the house can be a pleasant thing either! I will definitely write about the books soon.

Another book I read in November is called Hankyu Railway. It’s a collection of ordinary people’s stories happened along the Hankyu Railway line which is between Osaka and Kobe. I watched the film which was based on the novel as well. It’s nothing exciting. Maybe I can write something similar between Monument and Kingston Park metro stations…

After three years of marriage, we finally went to the cinema and watched a film together – Interstaller. I heard very positive comments about it in the radio. Plus I thought my husband would like it. In the future, my husband can never complain about I don’t watch Sci-fi films with him anymore. I have to say I’m not that impressed. Maybe I had too high expectations. I found their shaky spacecraft a bit like Easyjet planes; and I think Iceland should be on our travel destination list.

The day is so short and the ground is so icy. I can’t even cycle to work anymore. I have no opportunity to go walking but at least I can plan our next walking holiday. I love planning holidays. I like to study a place on the internet and take my husband for something special and give him a surprise. I learnt this from the very beginning, our honeymoon – he’s not going to give me any surprises, if I don’t to him either, then there will be no surprises in our lives at all. So I’d better do. Fortunately, I don’t mind.

The list of homemade dessert of the month: caramel ice cream – I need to find smaller pot. Otherwise people might get sick. Portuguese Tarts – they don’t look like the ones from KFC. I only had Portuguese Tarts from KFC before. What should I do to improve? Meringue – my husband did not want to waste the leftover egg white and made a lot of meringue on a whim. They looked beautiful and tasted surprisingly good as a first attempt. Maybe I should send him to the Bake Off next year…

We had a party at the end of the month for my dear husband’s big birthday. We don’t usually have so many people in the house and it felt strangely lovely. Special thanks to Pete and Shaz for coming all the way from Scarborough! The oven was on from about 4pm all the way till 9pm. So were the candlelights. I can understand a little bit why Scandinavians have a lot of parties in winter now.






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