Walking in Wales – Three Cliffs Bay in the Gower

We don’t do this very often, flying all the way to a different part of the UK to walk. But this time, we flew to Bristol at the end of February to spend time with family and go walking in the south of Wales.

Walking in Wales - The Gower

Our introduction to the Gower was a simple but perfect walk between Oxwich and Three Cliffs Bay. The Gower is like the back garden of Swansea. Oxwich car park is full of families in summer apparently. But on a clear February Wednesday, there were only us and a couple of others.

February Miscellany

One of my favourites of the day.

There’s not much to say about the actual walk, except that it’s hard not to love it. The first half is on the beach. No complicated map reading. No need to watch where to put your feet. A pair of binoculars is the only walking gear you might want. I knew nothing about birds. But with two good and enthusiastic guides, I was able to see the differences in a couple of flocks of birds and watch them enjoying themselves. People study them and understand how birds sing so beautifully and how they fly so gracefully. But do people know why there are so many different kinds of them that are all so clever and lovely? Why do they sing so beautifully and fly so gracefully?

Walking in Wales - The Gower

Someone’s footprints :)

We left for long grass and wood for the second half of the walk. A gentle climb and winding path led all the way to Three Cliffs Bay. Again, there was no out of breath struggling at all. We could have conversations and enjoy the view. We were not very high up, but the view unfolded all around us for miles and miles.

Walking in Wales - The Gower

Walking in Wales - The Gower

Walking in Wales - The Gower

Looking towards the way we came.

It always amazes me how far we can walk in an hour or two without realising.

Walking in Wales - The Gower

Three Cliffs Bay.

Still not sure which cliffs are the “Three”. Our local guides said, “just pick three!”

Here are our guides, all trying to take photos of each other:

Walking in Wales - The Gower

So if you’re visiting South of Wales, or if you live in Swansea (lucky you!), it’s definitely worth a detour to come to Three Cliffs Bay for a stroll.

The walking mileage of the day including Three Cliffs Bay and Worm’s Head was 8 miles.







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2 thoughts on “Walking in Wales – Three Cliffs Bay in the Gower

  1. Spectacular landscapes.

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