Catbells – Lake District 2015

There is beauty everywhere – and nothing but beauty… No Keswick holiday is consummated without a visit to Catbells.  – A Wainwright.

Despite having been Keswick a few times by now, we had never visited Catbells. And this time, we successfully dragged my exercise-deprived father up with us. We decided to go for this one because Wainwright categorised it as “a family fell where grandmothers and infants can climb the heights together”.

We parked in the last space outside Cumbria Outdoors at the north end of Catbells. Went up the summit, down at Hause Gate, and kept going south till Manesty. We turned north towards the southern tip of Derwentwater and strolled along the west shore all the way back to the car park.

Catbells - Lake District 2015
Looking at Derwentwater and Keswick from the west for the first time.

Catbells - Lake District 2015

The summit, which has no cairn, is a small platform of naked rock, light brown in colour and seamed and pitted with many tiny hollows and crevices that collect and hold rainwater – so that, long after the skies have cleared, glittering diamonds adorn the crown. – A Wainwright.

It was completely true! The little puddles held up by rocks were indeed glittering like jewels.

Catbells - Lake District 2015
I love people, both the decision-makers and the actual workers, who put a smart path down over boggy ground!
Catbells - Lake District 2015
I wonder who lives in that dainty white house over the south tip of Derwentwater?






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