Glimpses of Fountains Abbey

I don’t like buildings in general. More precisely, I don’t know how to appreciate buildings. But I found a type of building that I do love looking at – ruins. Ruins of complicated and grand buildings. Cathedral type grandeur is the best I’ve seen so far. I think I might not be the only one – I saw adults and children alike playing hide and seek, running up and down stairs that lead nowhere and jumping over broken walls.

I love the contrast of green grass and bare walls, delicate wild flowers softening the hard lines of the roofless pillars, blue or grey sky through glassless windows. I was asked the question “will you marry me” in Museum Gardens in York under a lovely church ruin.

This was my first visit to Fountains Abbey, in Yorkshire England. It was a lovely and amazing surprise for me. Here are some photos to help you decide if you’d like to pay a visit.

Glimpses of Fountains Abbey

There was a couple taking wedding photos at this spot.

Glimpses of Fountains Abbey

Glimpses of Fountains Abbey

Glimpses of Fountains Abbey

Glimpses of Fountains Abbey

We completed the Yorkshire trip with a afternoon tea at Bettys Tea Room. Oh happy day!





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