Windermere in Snow in Four-Frames

All photos were taken with my Supersampler, a four-frame film camera. It kept the blue tint of the day faithfully. I was going to tweak the colour in Photoshop, but decided this blue retold the feeling of that trip best. So here you go, enjoy…

Once upon a time in a faraway land, in one early spring, we walked from a beautiful village called Patterdale to another called Grasmere (it was actually in 2013 and this is England I’m talking about). The snow capped mountain looked really exciting in the distance, until later on, the powdery thing piled all the way up to my thighs… (No prince, warlock or dragon involved, sorry.)




Two days later, we woke up in Hawkshead to a picturesque white world. But our route that day was ruined because the ferry was cancelled due to severe weather…


So we spent the rest of that day standing around the shore of Windermere, taking photos of this one particular fat swan… (which belonged to the Queen I was told.)




The prince and princess lived happily ever after…


The advantages of supersampler are the freedom when shooting and the surprise after developing the film, which I really enjoy. Of course, the chance of disappointment (or bewilderment) is pretty high too. It definitely has its own mind, which keeps pushing me to decide, if I hate her, or love her; shall I leave her in the box, or take her out…













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