Andrew & Joanna’s Wedding

Our friends Andy and Joanna were married on 9 April. We were honoured to be their photographers on the big day.

My husband headed to church around 12 noon, where Andy started to greet guests. I found Joanna in their new home. The day started with the calmest wedding morning I’ve ever seen.

Andrew and Joanna's Wedding

This is always one of my favourite shots: the groom seeing his favourite girl like never before.

Andrew and Joanna's Wedding

Andrew and Joanna's Wedding

Andrew and Joanna's Wedding

A few years ago at a friends’ wedding, there was a beautiful girl in the band playing saxophone. When her job was done, she danced to the music like a happy bird as if no one was around at all (Joanna later on explained that the advantage of going to a wedding knowing no one is that you can thoroughly enjoy yourself!).

Before Joanna appeared in his life, Andy always looked a bit tense and stiff (sorry Andy!). One day, a group of us were washing dishes after a meal for about fifty people. I saw this girl in a white chef’s jacket rush at Andy and kiss him on the cheek like a happy bird. I never saw Andy smile like that before. It was the same girl!

Around then, Joanna was officially introduced into our circle of friends. She was passionate for the Lord our God and his word, caring for people around her, and always able to look at things from a different perspective. I learnt a lot from her. Over time, I discovered her many gifts and talents. What an amazing girl! She has a free spirit often singing and soaring like a lark, at the same time, she is also incredibly organised and disciplined. In addition to exactly 47 seed trays she put in their wedding gift list, I’ll tell you another example to illustrate this wonderful character:

Once we were invited to a friend’s lovely home for a lunch. A boat trip was planned after the meal. Just after half way through the lunch, Joanna excused herself to the toilet and said, “if we start to go to the toilet one by one now, we won’t have to all rush to the toilet last minute and miss the boat”. And we didn’t!

Andrew and Joanna's Wedding

Andrew and Joanna's Wedding

Andrew and Joanna's Wedding

The reception was such a fun time. Every detail was carefully thought through and planned, with many surprises: there was first of all, a queue. After I pushed past the crowd, tripped over a few treasure boxes and nearly knocked over the table with a stylish guest book on, there was a photo booth! Then, an old-fashioned sweet shop table was laid out for guests to fill up their own pot as a wedding favour. The pots already each had a chocolate in from local chocolatier Davenports, who create chocolate fit for the Queen (I’m serious)! After that, I saw another queue (what a British wedding!) for the popular Mark Toney ice cream, which is also a local family business.

Andrew and Joanna's Wedding

Andrew and Joanna's Wedding

The first dance was a “fake”!

In Andy’s speech, he mentioned Joanna’s singing. He said something like, I love that Joanna loves God, you just need to hear her sing to realise that. I was a bit puzzled when I heard it. What has Joanna’s love for God anything to do with her singing? But when she opened her mouth, I suddenly understood. She had a surprisingly strong and rich voice. It was a shock and quickly, an amazement to hear such a velvety voice from such a delicate, ballet dancer’s body. It was a warm and joyful voice as well, praising God wholeheartedly. Lyrics and notes overflowed from the stage, from where she stood under the spotlight, and filled the whole place.

Andrew and Joanna's Wedding

Congratulations once again Andy and Joanna! May God bless your marriage!

Andrew and Joanna's Wedding






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2 thoughts on “Andrew & Joanna’s Wedding

  1. Beautiful story and wedding report! What a great way to honor your friends ! And your pics are remarkable, that goes without saying !!!

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