June Miscellany 2017


After some crazy hours of proofreading and editing, JOURNEY #03 was sent to the printing company at the beginning of the month and we met the deadline! If you haven’t seen it, here are some photos. Can I ask you a favour? Can you have a look at the front cover? I have been greatly troubled by people’s reaction to the front cover photo. Do you see a roast chicken? Or bread?

Cragside Weekend Away

I thought we could have a break after the deadline of the magazine but actually we spent the whole month preparing for Cragside Weekend Away. The month fast forwarded itself in a hectic blur and almost everything existed for the single purpose of that last weekend of June. The weekend was the mixed ingredients of: gorgeous weather, splendid nature, clever architecture and engineering, good friends and good fun, satisfying food, and quality time to know God more – a miniature heaven on earth. It was only a weekend but it was worth the effort and the preparation of the whole month. If you apply the same logic and analogy, the age to come (which is far greater than a happy weekend) will worth the effort and preparation of our whole Christian life! Here are some photos:

Books and Films

I finished reading The Chronicles of Narnia. My favourite is The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. My second favourite is The Horse and His Boy. The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe is exciting too, especially when Mr. Beaver says in a hushed tone: “Aslan is on the move”. The end of The Last Battle was so widely quoted that the story was kind of spoiled and the Ape was too disturbingly real I don’t like it at all. How about you? Which is your favourite?

I also read Isaka Kotaro’s Audubon’s Prayer. This is his debut. Nowhere as good as his later book, Golden Slumbers, which I enjoyed very much. It was certainly good imagination, but there are too many untidied threads at the end. The violence done in the story was disgusting and, I felt, unnecessary. So unless you want to see how Isaka Kotaro has improved over the years, I wouldn’t recommend reading this one.

I watched one Taiwanese film called Our Times. It was a cheesy topic (puppy love) that Taiwanese directors are very good at. But it never ceases to amaze me how good the production and story telling are, and how much they remind me of my own school years.

Wild Swimming

Yes we did it again! More details to come ;)






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