Summer Fairy Tale

All my friends know that I love the Lake District and I go walking and camping there way too often. But I have a big regret: I have so far never had any opportunity to take pretty pictures of either myself or any models against the stunning backdrop. Reason one, the Lakeland weather and terrain means I always have to wrap up with layers of sporty outfit and waterproofs from head to toe. They never look appealing or feminine. Reason two,  I never had a model who would like to come with me. So it was such a rare event that I found myself in the beautiful Lakeland with a patient and talented hairstylist as well as a lovely model.

The first set of photos was done on the west shoulder of Irton Fell on our way to Wast Water on the first day (after 4 hours of mountain walking non-stop…). There was no special hair do or make up. Not even a pretty dress. But it was the right time of the day and everything looked magical.

The second set was done on the shore of Wast Water. We set off with swimming suits and cameras mid morning. The main activities of the day were swimming in Wast Water and taking portraits of Tiffany, our model. As I said earlier, it was such a rare event that I was traveling in the beautiful Lakeland with a patient and talented hairstylist (and a modest photographer too) as well as a lovely model. It would be perfect if next time there could be a driver too. (See our miserable walk in order to reach this spot in this post.)

We didn’t walk very far before we were tempted by the clear water and stopped in a tiny bay to get changed. To be brief, my attempt to swim failed. I partly blame the weather, it was cold and partly, I was too busy taking photos.

The highlight was a huge military helicopter flying over our head so low that we could clearly see a man waving at us. Helicopters are always sensational, aren’t they?

Technically, the light wasn’t great – it was midday. But it was partly cloudy which always helps. I was in my swimming costume the whole time which meant I could get to pretty much any angle I like!

No matter whether the photos are good or not, the most important thing is that we had good fun!

The last set was done in the evening at the south tip of Wast Water. The wood was too dense for the light at the golden hour. I was a bit disappointed. But it provided some other types of magic ;)

To add this set of photos onto our Facebook page, I had a quick look at my portraits from the previous years. Although I’m still too embarrassed to put my photos on next to the professionals, I have definitely improved both in taking and editing photos compared to a few years ago. (By the way, Facebook is really not the best place for showing photos…)

All photos by Rong Fu.





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