Time Travel to Edo – Tokyo 2017

We had a leisurely walk in the morning, all the way from our youth hostel in Asakusa, crossing the Sumida River, to the Edo Tokyo Museum. I have to say this was definitely the best value for money museum. We didn’t plan to do this, but we spent a whole three hours there without realising it (which meant we had very little time to enjoy getting lost in Shinjuku station later on in the afternoon).

It was a time travel to old Tokyo, Edo. The people, the buildings and the river were so realistic that I was sure I could hear the cicada on a summer night, and the hustle and bustle in the market and along the streets. The bathhouse was steaming warm and the watermelons were refreshing and sweet. Business men traveled a long way into the city with tiredness on their faces and dust on their feet; a glamorous geisha listened intently to the fortune teller about the future with her secret lover; young parents took their small child on a boat trip for the first time after the ice and the winter melted away.

If I could time travel for real, I would love to see Edo, but this was as good as it got. Hope you get a small taste from my photos.












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