December Miscellany 2017

Happy New Year everyone! This post is about my December 2017, which was only five days ago, but it was last year! There are three major events: a trip to Leicester, Carols by Candlelight and Christmas.

I spent a few days in Leicester with a good friend in her cosy lovely house. It was something I always wanted to do – living with a good friend. I even had the plan of my room drawn out. Now I do live with a very good friend – my best friend actually, but I don’t have a room of my own! (Because he’s my husband.)

My first impression of Leicester was a lovely city with many photogenic cobble-paved small streets and happy butchers with impressive collections of fresh meat and fish. I also came across multiple fabric sellers whose stock rival my secret fabric supplier in Newcastle!

We visited King Richard III Visitor Centre twice on two separate days because we stayed till it was closed but couldn’t finish seeing the whole place. It was amazing! See the story and photos of our adventure here. We also visited the National Space Centre and also couldn’t finish seeing all the exhibition. Apparently, children from around the country come to the National Space in Leicester for educational trips. There were certainly lots of (over-excited) school children in both the National Space Centre and King Richard III Visitor Centre when we were there. There was history and there were science and technology. Lucky people in Leicester!

I came home (surviving an unexpected rail strike) for Carols by Candlelight. It was as good as ever. My favourite this year was Silent Night. I also reached a new level of admiration for our organist/pianist’s skill. I stood right in front of the piano most of the time and it was hard not to watch him play one particular intro. He was SO good! I got a bad cough from someone in the choir last day of the Carols and wasn’t able to sleep or speak much all the way until Christmas. I seem to get ill at Christmas every year.

Having international students over for Christmas seems to have become our tradition. We usually go to the Christmas Day service in the church in the morning, come home for turkey, open presents either before or after dinner depending on how ready the food is, then drive everyone to a small village in Northumberland to visit a couple and have some tea. There is always a dancing competition held there. If the weather is nice, we’ll look at the stars on the way home, trying not to catch a cold. Then we drop students home, return the car (hired) and walk home. There is usually some tidying to do and other little chores, which make the home, home with just me and husband at the end of the day, listening to carols on the radio and falling asleep on the sofa in the light of the Christmas tree.

On Boxing Day (did you do any shopping? I did online and am still waiting for the delivery…), I met up with a friend who was visiting England and who used to be a student in Newcastle a few years ago. She has been doing amateur modelling in China for the last few years and her enthusiasm was really contagious. (We did this photo shoot together a few years ago – looking back I had to say, as a photographer, I was ignorant and fearless…) Now the hours of daylight increase every day, it won’t be long for the first flowers to come out. I can’t wait to play with my cameras again soon!

One thing equally exciting I can’t wait to do: I saw a Morrisons delivery van on the way to work one day in December. It was so exciting I nearly went up to the driver and said, you have finally come to Newcastle, this is so exciting I’ve been waiting for you for years! I didn’t.

We ended the year with a New Year Eve party in church with a three-course Italian dinner (even without a starter!). How did you end the year 2017?





2 thoughts on “December Miscellany 2017

  1. You will love it more in the future ;)

  2. Is there anyone else who thinks this highly of Leicester haha? Maybe my love for Newcastle has blinded me!

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