May Miscellany 2018

May is a month that the sad prospect of friends leaving Newcastle turns into a reality that is fast approaching. But there is also good news about other friends staying for much longer than we could have imagined even just in April. There are also those who do not plan to move to anywhere else in the foreseeable future, thank you for being here.

First of all, an unofficial announcement. JOURNEY #06 is complete and on sale now (see some pictures here). Unless a miracle happens, this will be the last issue of JOURNEY magazine in this shape and form. We will keep trying new things and working on the JOURNEY brand. I was a bit disappointed but now I think I’m less grumpy and very much looking forward to the new chapter of this endeavour. As Paul says in 2 Thessalonians, I pray “by his power he may bring to fruition your every desire for goodness and your every deed prompted by faith”! So watch this space!


I did two photoshoots this month although I would love to do a lot more than two. It was a big shame to miss the lilac! I watch quite a lot photography Youtube videos and follow many photographers’ Instagrams. There is some really impressive work out there that I really admire. I need to invest far more time and energy in this if I want to progress to the next level.


I was a bit surprised about getting into a Chinese TV drama this month. It is a new adaption (2010) from one of the most well-known classic novels: Dream of the Red Chamber. There is a lot of criticism online about this adaptation partly because the previous version (1987) was classic. But I’m not a critic and I quite enjoy the love story. It actually has a lot more drama than I remembered when I read the original novel. Here are some screenshots just so you can have a peek at the beautiful interior of the houses and their outfits!

I altered an oversized t-shirt surprisingly successfully. But I forgot to take before and after photos so can’t show you the difference. I don’t usually do this but this t-shirt is a new One Piece t-shirt from Uniqlo so I’m not going to waste it by leaving it forgotten in the drawer or by disliking it every time I put it on!

Talking about One Piece, the story is mounting to a boiling point. A lot of Luffy’s old friends from hundreds of episodes ago are appearing one by one which brings back good old memories from about 15 years ago when I read those stories! Salute to the author’s crazy imagination and detailed planning of the plots and characters over such a period of time.

If you know One Piece at all, you’ll know that there is something called Devil’s Fruit in the story. Different fruit gives you different types of super power. But in exchange, the person would not be able to swim. As a pirate, that’s a high price to pay! Luffy has the Rubber Fruit so he can turn his body into rubber, which didn’t sound very useful at the beginning but it’s surprisingly powerful. The Healing Fruit heals people (the little princess was abused and tortured so she’d shed more tears which could be used to revive evil characters). The little girl from Donquixote Doflamingo’s family has the Toy Fruit which turns human into living toys and removes any memory of them from their families and friends so they can’t be rescued. You probably got a vague idea now, that the Devil’s Fruit is not evil, but people can use them in very evil ways. So where am I going with all these? In a recent episode, there comes a lady (first appearance) who has the Encouragement Fruit. Her words encourage oppressed people and fill them with the courage to fight against the brutal baddies. Really looking forward to seeing her role in the following stories!


I have finally finished reading Guilt of Mind. It’s like standing on top of a mountain with rolling views of mountains and valleys stretching to the sea and the horizon – I am too amazed and overwhelmed to put thoughts and feelings into words. But I’ll try my best to write something about the series to show my gratitude and love for it.

I started reading The Chronicles of Narnia once again. Although The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is the most familiar of all therefore requires most of my patience, it’s still full of pearls of wisdom.


My garden is doing really well this year. Not that I did anything different. I think the garden wanted to go wild last year and I let it. So this year it’s testing my limit! But to be honest, I really don’t mind.

These are the first rose and the first Alnwick Rose in my front garden!

Misc of Misc

I was sent to A&E (Accident & Emergency) by an ambulance one day this month. It was a first-hand experience seeing how paramedics and doctors in A&E work. You have my wholehearted gratitude and full respect!

We had a day out in Northumberland with some good friends from church. Not sure when we’ll be able to do that again?





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