September Miscellany 2018

This is Gloria everybody. An absolute delight to work with! Also, it’s so nice to have another international staff member on the team (mind you Ramzi is half-Arabic, Ben CH is half-Italian, Ryan is half-Chinese!). Photo taken on my iPhone.

I said goodbye to my old workplace and started working for my church this month. It has been exciting, chaotic and fun at a new level. I thoroughly enjoy it. For all who were concerned about my marriage: I still talk to my husband. All is fine!

I learnt a lot (watching YouTube videos about Excel in bed anyone?). The highlight this month at work was designing publicity for a few events and managing the bookstall. The single most terrifying task was formatting the service sheet. Ramzi does not come into my office very often. But when he does, my to-do list grows like triffids!

New Friends

This month we welcomed Ryan and Lulu into the church family. They moved up from London into Pearl and Dorothy’s old flat, which used to be like the second site for JPCi for the past years. I had the privilege to meet the couple before they officially moved up to the North. Now one month on, Lulu has become a big sister to me. You cannot imagine the comfort of having good friends that are going to settle in Newcastle for the long term while all our international student friends come and go and take a piece of your heart and life away with them and never come back. It happened that while Lulu and I chatted away for hours about everything meaningless under the sun, our husbands were able to talk comfortably about theological, social and political issues for ages as well. Really looking forward to being good friends and I have heard very few people who can read the Bible as well as Ryan!

The beautiful family. Photo taken at Haimeng and Jenny’s wedding :)


A big shout out to Adam, who belongs to the not-moving-away category, and who has been a tremendously helpful, willing and good friend for the past months and years. We serve in the same ministry and it’s such a joy to work with him. He can teach the Bible; he can sing beautifully (my prefered seat in service on Sundays is to sit in front of him!); he can cook and bake; he proofreads all the articles I send his way; he manages the bookstall when I’m on holiday; he drives us home when it’s late. He’s also incredibly British, the most British person I’ve ever met (you should hear what he said after driving into a bush), but he prefers hanging out with the international minority somehow. Thank you Adam :) (I tried to look for a good photo of Adam to put here but he always manages to look very blurry!)


JOURNEY magazine has moved on from the form of a physical magazine to an online magazine. Although this is not what I had in mind two years ago, I had to give that ideal up. I tried and it didn’t work out. But I didn’t regret what was produced during that time. It’s time to move on I guess :) Thank you to all my contributors and editors. Also a big thank you to my church leaders for supporting me in every way!

Here are some pictures of all the past issues. A few physical copies are still available. And this is our brand new JOURNEY blog page:

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 20.32.30

Misc of Misc

I discovered the amazing NIV audio Bible read by David Suchet. Absolutely love it. I’ve been telling everybody about this and I will recommend it again at JPCi Weekend Away (have you signed up?).

I realised this month that I’m not going to become a professional wedding photographer and that’s probably not what I want to do in the future. So Haimeng and Jenny’s wedding will probably be the last I did. I’ll still do portraits and small jobs but that’s that for now.

Lastly, the amazing Lit & Phil library from our staff retreat day. Who needs to travel around the world for beautiful libraries when you live in Newcastle? :)

Can you spot my enthusiastic new colleagues? Photos taken on my iPhone.






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