Dig Deeper Into the Gospels

Right. I don’t blog on Tuesday very often but I just got home from a mini reading holiday (where I found two pew Bibles from my church in a youth hostel 35 miles away). Today in my mind, it’s the third book in the Dig Deeper series (and no, it’s not called ‘Dig Even Even Deeper’). I just finished it and I have never understood Mark’s Gospel as well as I do now. So I decided to write the author of all three books a letter. (See my book reviews of Dig Deeper and Dig Even Deeper here and here.)

Dear Mr Andrew Sach,

Thank you and your co-authors for the brilliant books. I cannot describe how helpful they have been so I won’t waste time trying. You mentioned about the possibility of a future Dig Deeper book on a New Testament letter or an Old Testament prophet on page 14 of Dig Deeper Into the Gospels (which I refer to as Dig 3 in my diary, I hope you don’t mind). I noticed there were five years between Dig 1 (Dig Deeper) and Dig 2 (Dig Even Deeper), there were also five years between Dig 2 and Dig 3, which was published in 2015. Is Dig 4 coming out soon?

I want to give thanks for your clear and engaging teaching in the form of this series of books. I have benefitted lots from your teaching without physically attending any small groups or seminars. Through “looking over your shoulder” and reading Mark’s Gospel once again, I have grown to know Jesus better; I have been motivated and equipped to follow him more closely and become a more able and confident Bible student. That was your prayer at the beginning of Dig 3. Obviously, there is MUCH MORE to learn.

I read Mark from cover to cover as you instructed before starting reading the book and did all the exercises in the boxes. I put pen and highlighter onto the pages of my Bible for the first time under the guidance of Dig 3. How great was the excitement of discovering the first set of “bookends” all by myself and the light bulb moment seeing the “wood”! I got more familiar with specific “tools” and I also learnt essential principles (e.g. do not go on theological autopilot and read things into Mark). I would also like to report that, inspired by the example at the back of Dig 1, I have even started two one-to-one Bible studies sharing and practising your tools with fellow believers from my church.

Looking forward to reading another Dig book.

Yours Sincerely,







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