Mar & Apr Miscellany 2019

Looking back these were two very ordinary months where we lived, worked, rested in a routine pattern. We had a short walking trip in the Lakes (see photos and the route here). I visited friends in Leicester. I rewatched a few Harry Potter films. Reading Wolf Hall is still ongoing. It was warm for a few days so I put away most of my winter clothes (and now it’s cold again). Small group studies on Ephesians finished before Easter and now we have made a start on the last section of Acts. We had family visit us all the way from Wales.

Seeing Penny in Leicester

Two people make Leicester special to me. Penny and Richard III (for the significance of the latter, see post here). I went to see the former during the Easter weekend when there was a mini heatwave. Penny had just moved into her new home which looked and felt positively like a hobbit hole. The ceilings of all the rooms were slanted as it was a loft conversion. The doors were all arched. It was very spacious for one person and felt cosy and homely. But I kept banging my head on doorframes and beams. Everything was so low (just the right height for Penny)…

Pearl and Penny just came back from Word Alive with suitcases of books. One caught my eyes particularly, called, Why Can’t We Be Friends? which was about friendships with the other sex. I scanned through it before I left, not sure if I should spend time reading it properly again. But it did generate some interesting conversation among the three of us over the weekend. Penny and I are both the only child in our families (that’s why we kind of adopted each other as sisters) so asking me to treat male friends as brothers in Christ is a bit of a tall order. It’s like asking me to behave like a Parisian woman when I’ve only seen them in films. How do I know what it’s like when I never had a biological brother? So Penny and I asked Pearl (who has two brothers) what it is like. Pearl pitied us. Maybe people pitied me before (especially in the UK, since most of my friends in China were born in the same era hence are mostly only children) but I never felt there were any disadvantages growing up alone. This was probably the first time I thought, oh there’s this relationship missing in my life that’s hard to be replaced.

So, that was the thought of the month.

The last two photos reflect the main activities of the weekend. Pearl and I read, Penny cooked. We also spent a glorious sunny afternoon sleeping, two evenings watching films (the saddest film of the year, On Chesil Beach, and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire). There was a lovely hour or so when we video-called our respective parents at the same time and introduced our parents (who are far away) to our friends (who are like family in the UK).

In comparison to my relatively ordinary life, the content of my dreams was a lot more entertaining. Here are some snapshots (you should stop reading really):

  • Sunday 3 March, I had a joint wedding with Becky, after sitting and waiting for ages, I had a last minute panic because I was not ready when guests arrived.
  • Monday 4 March, a huge fluffy white dog slipped into my house without permission.
  • Monday 11 March, a reality game where many people built a castle out of cereal boxes and I was on the side that attacked and pulled it down.
  • Thursday 14 March, driving through the marshland of the Lake District in a coach with many friends. It was grey and almost going to rain. The pools of water reflected the sky brightly.
  • Friday 15 March, sat down and ate free rice and miso soup in a Japanese restaurant off the street but they were only free for actual customers so there was an embarrassing moment…
  • Monday 18 March, walking in a desert in China and crossing a border of some sorts while talking to Gloria and Andy about children’s work?!
  • Sunday 24 March, performing on a stage in a house in Vietnam when a freaky poisonous shiny green yellow frog jumped around on black muddy ground…
  • Monday 25 March, people ate my portion of Chinese dish!
  • Sunday 31 March, Andy joined a jazz band (the one in La La Land), I got a job in Japan, missed my train on the way to work (which platform?), met a helpful girl and saw a group of disturbing man-size panda mascots congregating on the side of a road.
  • Monday 1 April, a flood came down from the mountains and flooded the valley and turned the (Asian-looking) village into a river. Vano appeared with his friends in a modern glassy building and was pleased to see me. Our train to Alnmouth was cancelled due to a storm too.
  • Tuesday 2 April, Harry Potter style, magic, wand, goodies, baddies, flying about dark rooms and … David (our Vicar) signing on a piece of paper standing up (just like he does in OCV!)
  • Monday 8 April, a trip with Andy to Paris, the old fashioned hotel turned into a hospital-like dormitory and it was destroyed by a mob.
  • Monday 29 April, viewing a flat to rent. It had a huge concrete basement with nice windows and echoes, we decided to use it as a church meeting place.

It’s funny how many work colleagues appeared in my dream and how interesting dreams happened on Mondays most! I seem to travel a lot in my dreams too.







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