Holiday Diary – Friday 20 Dec 2019

I’m down with a cold, leaving heaps of snotty tissue paper all over the place and feeling justified getting up at 10.30.

I blamed my sore throat to singing too hard at Carols by Candlelight – I got up to an unbelievable ‘E’ singing ‘Hark! The Herald’ on the last night when I can only get to a ‘C’ usually – until my visiting ex-doctor-now-Bible-teacher friend Dorothy Chong said with doctor-ly certainty and authority, it’s virus. For those ‘Es’ I believe it was the prayer I stole from Andrew Peterson. At the beginning of every service, I would sit on my choir chair and say ‘Jesus you’re the source of beauty, help us make something beautiful’. (I think my ‘Es’ were moderately beautiful.)

I kept Adorning the Dark (new book by Andrew Peterson) as my holiday read and I started it today. Reading his writing and listening to his songs at the same time is a real treat! (Special thanks to Spotify.) This is what stands out to me most today. For aspiring Christian musicians, he says:

“So do you wait tables? Sure. Do you make the demo CD? Maybe, but don’t bother carrying it around. Do you work hard at your craft? Definitely. Do you move? Quit your day job? Marry the girl? Borrow the start-up funds? Sign the deal? Here’s what I know in a nutshell: ‘Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you’ (Matt 6.33)”


That’s powerful.

By the way Adorning the Dark is NOT available in the bookstall at the back of church, unless one of our ministers deems it worthy – most likely my book buddy Jon Teasdale, especially on the topic of ‘Andrew Peterson’!

Feature photo from our trip to the Isle of Wight this summer.





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