‘Who Is This Man?’ – The Mark Drama

That’s the problem of advertising something that I haven’t tried out myself. When I put down ‘experience Mark’s Gospel powerfully portrayed’ on the leaflet, I had no idea how ‘powerful’ it could be. Until I watched the rehearsal from behind the kitchen hatch and it was hard to hold back tears.

If you’ve never been to one before, the Mark Drama is a stripped-down theatre production of the whole of Mark’s Gospel in the Bible. The cast are not professionals, simply followers of Jesus. I was with the cast from the first rehearsal, from zero, to the final performance. It took them two intensive evenings and a very intense and stressful Saturday, intensified by the fact that the director had to leave halfway through the rehearsal to get back to Spain before the COVID-19 lockdown, let alone seeing them through the performances.

Of all the scenes, I most loved the disciples in the storm. It was pretty genius making the rain and wind effect just with our hands and mouths. I also loved the animated story of the woman with seven husbands. It was a very sobering scene when Jesus was mocked. The deafening laughter and ridicule echoed across the air. The audience watched in silence. Seeing a person mocked, pushed around and beaten up was hard. Hearing the sound of the hammer and the cry of agony from hands and feet being nailed through was hard. It was harder remembering all the kindness he showed to people just moments before and he didn’t do anybody any harm to deserve this. Worst of all, he was a good friend. It was powerful indeed.

Here are some pictures of the rehearsals (in black and white) and performances (in colour). They’re full of energy but they’re not one-tenth as good as the real thing. The profile photo is the cast (unfortunately minus two and the director). You’re such heroes! 


All photos by me :)

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