Bath Diary | Friday 20 Aug 2021

A quick apology to my email subscribers before I go on to the post today: Sorry about the unusual burst of travelogues, I’ll only be doing this for a few more days. We’re on holiday in Bath (England, UK) at the moment and I thought it makes sense to get these all out in one go. The usual bookish posts will be back once a week in September. Enjoy!

Being a full-time tourist, even just for a few days, is a tiring thing. How do people do it? I’m constantly getting tired from walking and standing; drinking water to keep hydrated means I need the loo but there aren’t any; it’s either gone cold or it’s raining; most troublesome of all, I get ‘hangry’. One of the best things of this trip is that the location of our hotel is accessible throughout the day. Be it loo or bed that I’m in need of, I can get there in about five minutes. But I cannot genuinely say sightseeing is an agreeable activity for me. Take today for example, I was so exhausted by 7pm, we came back to the hotel and I passed out in bed till 8.30.

We did Walk NO.2 from the book, On Foot In Bath, today. The history of windows and Window Tax was one of the highlights. It was a game of spot the difference with some very educational explanations. The Sun (the Circus) and the Moon (the Royal Crescent) were impressive, but the most intriguing was definitely the Star (that shineth not). Following the book sometimes felt like a guided tour at our own pace, and sometimes like a treasure hunt (but where were those ‘hanging loos’?). It was rather fun and completely worthwhile even thought I was uselessly tired out by the end.

Reading wise, I’m pleased with the progress for both What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami and Odyssey, yes by Homer. Both are translated literature, and both very interesting and beneficial. I hesitated about squeezing in Emma by Jane Austen this month (my translated literature month) but thought it fitting since I’m on holiday in Bath, although strictly speaking, it is not a Bath novel. I haven’t been very successful listening to Emma – it kept putting me to sleep. However in chapter ten there was a mention of ‘stomacher’ which I just saw in the Fashion Museum this afternoon. Andy has been binge reading This is Going to Hurt and having fits of giggles.

While I waited outside the Fashion Museum for my time slot today, Andy ran back to our hotel for loo. It was the second time one of us had to run back to our hotel for a loo break. Yesterday after the Abbey tower tour, we had to literally run home – they gave me a glass of orange juice before the tour and it went through the system shockingly fast in the cold evening breeze 49 meters up in the air. I met a friend unexpectedly when I was waiting today. She said I just saw Andy but he sped away too fast to say hello. I didn’t say, oh he was in a hurry going to the loo it was better you didn’t manage to stop him.

To be continued.

Photos by A Day of Small Things.

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