Seafood in Grainger Market

Grainger Market is in the heart of Newcastle, filled with fascinating people and colourful products. I like exploring Grainger Market since I first come here. There is a book store with walls and shelves of interesting topics and low price books. There is a helpful fabric lady with beautiful red hair and lovely Geordie accent. There is a friendly fruit and veg lady taught me green cauliflower was broccoli long time ago. There are a lot of serious manly looking butchers. I once asked, can you chop it up for me please? He said abruptly, no. I was a bit surprised but also a bit scared, so I just said, oh…oh ok, thanks, and was about to leave. He suddenly changed his serious face and almost laughed, “you didn’t protest?!” And threw that piece of meat inside to be chopped up.

There is a new store getting my attention every time I walk past recently. It’s a seafood store with kitchen at the back. There is always a big crowd of hungry customers queueing. There seems no woman in the store, only serious + good looking guys cooking and serving. Finally I tried their fried noodle with mixed seafood on Saturday. It was surprisingly nice. Very fresh prawn, squid and mussel with a sweet tint of taste. The whole thing has a nice strong flavour, reminds me of street night market food at home. I tried to look at the bottles and find out what made it so nice but failed. But I got a photo of the chef with a friendly smile! Maybe the secret of the flavour is in the silicone spatulas!
My box of noodle with seafood was £3.95. There are a lot of other choice under £5. You should definitely try next time you walk past Grainger Market at lunch time!

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2 thoughts on “Seafood in Grainger Market

  1. Hi the seafood noodle place is called Lindsay’s. I’m really sorry it took me this long to find out for you! Maybe you’ve been there already. Have a nice weekend :)

  2. May I know the name of the mix seafood noodles stall?

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