Reblog: Ian McEwan On His Writing Process

I found this video about Ian McEwan talking about his writing process of a day. I didn’t really know his name before. But I know his novel Atonement. It’s one of my favourite films.

It’s an interesting interview. One of the things he talks about is how people think if you are reading, you are there doing nothing and they “are entitled to talk to you”. He believes reading is an activate. If someone is playing tennis, people wouldn’t just walk onto the court and start talking to them. I had a very similar experience. Especially if I’m reading a Kindle, it’s as if I have “talking to me please!” written on my forehead.

Another thing I found interesting is that he says “there’s gonna be food and wine from 7:30”. I don’t know where are these “food and wine” from. Restaurant? Or kitchen? Who’s doing all the works in the kitchen then? I’m quite jealous of him saying he can start working at 9.30, switching off all his phones and emails, work till lunchtime and reads a lot in the afternoon, and “there’s gonna be food and wine” with families and friends in the evening. As if there are elves like Dobby preparing food in his basement.

It’s also funny he says “for some reason I’d rather clean up the kitchen than clean up my study. Why is that? Because throwing a piece of paper away always requires one to look at the piece of paper to see what it says before you throw it away, whereas putting a dish in a dishwasher requires no mental act.” Is that why my husband pile papers up?

You can watch the video from 101 Books. Just follow the link below.

Ian McEwan On His Writing Process.



Photo by Pereanu Sebastian on Unsplash.




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