Keep a journal and that’s your life

I found this simple but wonderful video about keeping a journal this morning. I was really touched. The video was filmed at a time before Facebook, email and Pinterest. I’m so happy to see people were doing exactly the same things we do now, but in a more elegant way. He has 128 volumes of journals in that room where he was filmed and he said “it’s pretty much the life we lived, people we knew, places we went”.

“Keep a journal and that’s your life.”

I always worry when the computer broke and data is lost, all the digital things will disappear one day. I keep a diary and I love paper. I’m not the best journal keeper (can I say that?) in the world. But I’d like my family, my children, my grandchildren, or even strangers, to be able to remember me and know me through my journals after 100 years when I’m in heaven. Isn’t it a very romantic thing imagining people reading my everyday life on fragile paper with that old smell?


P.S The video was removed unfortunately when I came back to this entry in Dec 2013… If I found it again. I’ll put it back here.


Photo by Carolyn V on Unsplash.




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