Fabric hunting

I decided to go fabric hunting this morning. I got the measurements of one skirt pattern and a tunic pattern. The colour I had in mind were pastel apricot, turquoise, cream or light grey. The texture I wanted was a soft sheer feeling. So I set off on my bike.

The weather was the typical lovely british weather. It showered on me every few minutes for a few minutes and sun shone on me for the rest. I cycled across the city from the north to the south, across our lovely Town Moor with cows wondering around the path (leaving souvenirs behind). 30mins later I arrived my destination.

I used to live in this area before I got married. There is a big Middle Eastern community living here. One day by accident, I found all the textile shops dotted along this little street, with huge variety of textile and very reasonable price tags. This one I was going was particular popular. I found my bridesmaids’ dresses material in its basement. It was a reasonable size basement originally I believe. The amount of fabric rolls in there was unbelievable. It has every fragment of the colour of the rainbow. I couldn’t stand on the floor, actually I never saw where the floor was, I never found where the walls were. All covered in rolls of fabrics. I had to sit or kneel on piles of fabrics, fought my way through them, and had great difficulties pulling the rolls I want out of the jungle.

I locked my bike on a lamp post and quickly noticed the fabric rolls have spread onto the pavement, standing against the wall. (“So does it mean the basement is finally completely full now? “) I walked in and lost in the “sweet shop” very soon. I knew I was going to regret this when I calmed down again after arrived home: I quickly gave up my colour scheme. There were too many choices prettier than boring pastel colours. I had my eye on a moss green silky fabric with leafy print, and a sheer ivory flowery chiffon. I loved a square of hot pink embroidery chiffon as well, but after overheard a conversation, I thought to myself: you had to save up for that.

The shop owner was a Middle Eastern looking women, friendly, chatty, straightforward, shrew and hard-working. She saw my patterns from the corner of her eyes and decided how much fabric they would need, cut the fabric. All these happened without me saying a word like “I’d like two metres of this one please”. It all happened too quick and when I could think again, the only two note in my purse had gone and a bag of fabric was stuffed in my rucksack. She gave me her business card and asked me to write down the opening time at the back.

I got home, with a bag of fabrics of wrong colour and wrong measurement, an empty purse, and a big big smile. I call it the happiness from accepting controllable randomness and uncertainty.

Plus I had a very good experience with the service from my first ASDA delivery and my first MOO online printing company. Happy day!


Photo by Volha Flaxeco on Unsplash.




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