“When will this end?”

Someone said spring was coming. Gardeners all over the country (this is the UK I’m talking about) started to sharpen their secateurs, sow their sweet pea seeds, prune their roses and dogwoods. People remembered same time last year, it was 20 degree celsius. Holidays were booked for Easter. For a nation so obsessed with its weather and so excited about the leaving of the grey cold winter and the arriving of the bright warm spring, disaster happened.

It rained and rained, gusts of wind, snow upon snow. There was sleet in your face and mud under your feet for weeks and weeks. The headlines of all the newspapers were “when will this end”, “where is spring” or something like that. It seems British people stopped caring about Justin Welby or horse meat.

One day (Tuesday the 26th to be precise), I heard the following conversation on BBC Radio 4 PM programme. The presenter was interviewing a lady lives on Isle of Skye, Scotland.

– You know people like me have been banging on on the TV for a long time about this never ending winter Britain’s gone through. It’s been 14 maybe 15 consecutive winters. It’s not truth to say though, is it, that every where is having terrible weather.

– No. Not at all. We had beautiful weather. In fact, if it wasn’t for chilly cold in the morning. You’d say it was in the middle of summer, more or less.

– Is it true, I’ve been told that, maybe even as we speak, you can see sunshine, is that correct?

– Yes that’s right, I’m standing here at the door, there’s lovely sunshine.

– Can you feel the sunshine on you…? Can you move to the part of the house…

– No no not quite because the sun’s gone down a bit.

– Could you go to the window and feel the sun?

– Yes! yes yes.

– Would you do that for me?

– Yes.

– Please. Please do that now. Cause nobody else in the country has experienced this for about a year.

– Oh I’ll go to another room of the house then.

– Thank you very much.

(Sound of door opening.)
– I can open this door here. I’m coming here. I’m standing in the window here, which is facing north, or I think it’s north…

– But can you feel the sun on your face now?

– I… CAN.

– Can you just describe how’s that feels like Chrissy?

– It’s glorious. For this time of the year. Absolutely glorious.


I call it the ridiculousness of the BBC radio presenter, or that of the British weather.

Maybe it’s just British humour?

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