The hills will wait – walking holiday in Lake District, day one

As Wainwright leaving Lakeland on his famous Coast to Coast Walk stood on Kidsty Pike, he wrote:…tak[e] a last long look at the serrated mountain skyline of the Lakeland, the like of which will not be seen again this side of the North Sea. But there will be other years, other visits… The hills will wait.

The walk we did overlapped part of Wainwright’s Coast to Coast route. I didn’t realise it until we came back. I’m reading his ‘A Pictorial Guide: A Coast to Coast Walk’ at the moment. I really should have read it before we went! But the hills will wait. There’ll be other years, other visits.


Ulls Water in the distance.

19 March 2013

We entered the Lake District from Penrith. Last time we came (about two years ago) there was a temporary Morrisons which was camped on its car park. This time there was a brand new Morrisons and a brand new Booths, where we went and stored up food supply. The rest of the journey proved that I was too greedy and it was not nearly necessary to buy that much food… You’ll see we couldn’t eat our lunch on top of the mountain the next day because it was way too cold and windy to sit down and put anything in our mouths!

The mountains in view were all covered in snow. But it didn’t rain or snow (on the ground level at least).

Bus 108 from Penrith to Patterdale is officially my favourite bus journey all over the UK. The second favourites are 323 and 324 on Isle of Arran, but they were always too bumpy!

I compare Bus 108 with the famous Wardrobe of C.S.Lewis. It takes you to a different world.

We got on the bus at an ordinary train station of a normal town (though not unlovely at all). It carried us over a bridge, across a field and next thing you know is the breathtakingly beautiful Lakeland view. The bus runs along the west bank of Ulls Water. People who know me know that I take far too many photos. People have to wait for me every 10 steps for me to catch up on a weekend trip. But I didn’t even take one photo of Ulls Water. I didn’t want to waste one second to look down and get my camera out. I wanted to absorb the sky, the mountain, the water and the reflection as much as I could. My only complaint about Bus 108 was it ran too fast. Of course I regret not taking any photos now! But the hills will wait. We’ll go back.



Note: the bus from Penrith to Patterdale has different timetables for School days and School holidays. Do check carefully.

Accommodation: Scandinavian retro style YHA Patterdale.

We had a private room with a bunk bed. Tiny window, feel a bit like a prison cell, with all the pipes and taps running along the turquoise coloured wall. Apart from that, it was warm and clean.

Super clean toilet. Spotless. Very warm shower water. Only complaint: the motion sensor light in the shower turned itself off when I was still in the shower and wouldn’t come back on again no matter how much I waved to it…

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