A Brand New Shop – AndyandRong on Etsy

Happy New Year everyone! It’s only the third day of 2014 but a lot has happened already. Very exciting! One of the biggest news of all: our online shop – AndyandRong is now open on Etsy!

We’ve been sharing our wedding photos and telling couples’ wedding stories on our photography blog for about two years. There is finally a place we can show our non-wedding works.

shop front 2014-01-03 at 12.58.28

IMG_0639a small


At the moment, it’s only a tiny shop with two sets of postcards on the shelf – photos from our hiking trip in the Lake District in England and our visiting to a small village called Tongli in China. But there’s definitely more to come – I’ve been busy taking more product images for a new set of postcards this afternoon.

It’s been over a year since I first decided to open a shop of our own on etsy. If you had a flick through my sketchbook you’d be shocked by how unrealistic and laughable I was from time to time. I definitely think so about myself – dressmaking was my first idea, then wall art, stationary, miniature plants kits, dip dye fabric, crochet items etc etc. I definitely learnt a lot of random things during the last year! I really have to say sorry and thank you to my husband for his patient and tolerant!

Through seriously, I really have been learning lots since the first day I came across etsy. My life had nothing to do with tax returns, international shipping and market research a year ago. I’m still far from being an expert in any of those, but at least I don’t feel like I’m living on a completely alien planet anymore. And amazingly, I find the business side of the work is just as interesting as the creative side!

There is a new set of postcards coming on the shelf in about a month time. It has a bit more design element, sweet, quirky and cheerful! I’ll keep you updated, please come and visit us! Let me know what you think :)

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