Levitation Take ONE

© 2013 Rong Fu, All Rights Reserved. andyandrong@gmail.com

I’ve been wondering about subjects to shoot for winter time for a while – there’s no snow so far, the trees are greenish grey, the weather’s been miserable, short day light, people all wrapping up like buns and dumplings – I run out of ideas (sorry about my un-creativeness)!

BUT I came across Natsumi Hayashi’s famours project “Today’s Levitation” one day. So much fun since then! I’m not sure about my photographer (aka my husband), but I’m thoroughly enjoying it! I borrowed her idea and experimented with my own “levitation”.

© 2013 Rong Fu, All Rights Reserved. andyandrong@gmail.com

If you’re interested in the original idea and the pictures of Natsumi Hayashi, just search “Today’s Levitation”. I’m sure the search result will keep you entertained for a little while. Her website is called yowayowa camera woman diary. But the last post stopped in June 2011.

Her levitation looks real and effortless. I expected it to be difficult. We tried a few and they were not bad at all! We’re still trying to figure out one particular lens of ours, which seems not like joining in with the fun. There’s no Photoshop involved, only a lot of jumping and laughing. At the moment, apart from sore legs and freezing cold hands, I highly recommend it!

© 2013 Rong Fu, All Rights Reserved. andyandrong@gmail.com

What do you think? If you do any “levitation” of your own style, do let me know!

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