My February

I got a new job!!! That’s probably the most important thing that happened in February.

The vacancy was first advertised before Christmas last year. My application was submitted after New Year. I was given an interview at the end of January. The Interview happened at the beginning of this month. And the next thing I heard was that I was offered the job! My last day in my old department was 27th Feb. My old department has been so lovely. I’ll miss everybody! Next Monday I’ll be moved to a new department with two computer screens! I always wanted two screens.

So next time I fill in a landing card, I will be able to write down “translator” as my job title, and the customs officer won’t be confused by my old job title anymore (it was quite funny though – “what exactly is this??!!”).


This is my old desk. I’ll miss the monkey!

There will be a lot of change. I’ll be working full time, which is two more days a week. Working FIVE days a week! I’ll have to rearrange my usual tasks (i.e. my Japanese language study, freelance translation work and teaching, spending time with friends, sewing and crochet, housework, housework and housework). My husband has been very lovely and promised to share more cooking and cleaning with me.

I’m looking forward to Monday very much. I was sick on Wednesday evening and said, “what if I was still ill on Monday? I don’t want to miss work on Monday!” (Andy: “It’s still quite a few days before Monday my love.”)

My Japanese learning is still going. I’m planning new time slots for it since I won’t be able to do any study in the mornings on the days I don’t work anymore. At the moment, I’m trying listening to it while having breakfast. So far so good. Maybe I’ll be able to write a few sentences here in Japanese soon!

My student and I re-started our Chinese lesson again. I was very impressed that she remembered how to say “living room” “dinning room” “kitchen” “bedroom”and all the other space in a house after almost two months time. Very clever girl.

© 2014 Rong Fu, All Rights Reserved.

We kick-started our walking year with a very muddy but rainbowy walk in North Yorkshire. We had gorgeous weather most of the time. The walk followed part of the Cleveland Way. We started from Whitby, stayed overnight in Robin Hood’s Bay youth hostel the first night. Continued on the Cleveland Way from Robin Hood’s Bay toward Scarborough and got picked up by a friend in Ravenscar. This was my first coastal walk. The cliffs were very grand. I love how the scenery changes every step you take. It was relatively easy, but it was annoying I had to mind where I put my feet almost all the way. THE MUD! More to come on our walk along Cleveland Way!

We didn’t have loads time in Whitby, which was a shame, but Robin Hood’s Bay was completely a darling place. I’ll write a separate blog and tell you all about it (with 600 photos…)

IMG_1582 © 2014 Rong Fu, All Rights Reserved.

Scarborough seafront.

We spent two and a half days with our friends Pete and Shaz in Scarborough. I’ll have to write another entirely separate blog and tell you all about their wonderful passion for cooking, AND this addictive game – Dominion, which they introduced to us. Thanks very much Pete and Shaz, we enjoyed time with you very very much!



I’m making a snood with colourful wools. I haven’t got a pattern, just mix and match a few crochet stitches as it grows. I will share more!

There were many other interesting “first time” experiences in this month as well. One of them is that I had my first ever eye test experience in the UK. I finally found out why I can see wiry dusty little things floating in the air. I thought I had super power or something mysterious! Unfortunately, no. I’m boringly normal.

We haven’t done much to our Etsy shop this month. No more new postcards. Not many people even window shopping on our webpage. But we have some stunning photos from our trip in the Peak District and North Yorkshire. We’ll work hard on it!

Last month I told you that one of my new year resolution is reading two books a month. But I made the mistake that the first book I chose was Les Miserables! It’s been two months and I’m just into the last quarter of it! I won’t be able to catch up so I’ll just have to read as many as possible in the rest of 2014. To be honest with you, this is the first time I read this book. I never watched its film, old version or new, nor its musical. It is a classic and it’s a very typical French classic (it reminds me of The Count of Monte Cristo somehow). (I’m ashamed to say this, but) I generally can’t be bothered reading all the chapters on his thoughts on all the subjects loosely related to the story line, Paris society, revolution, philosophy etc. But I thoroughly enjoyed the chapters on Waterloo Battle, shocked by the chapters on the Catholic convent, amazed by the chapters on criminal jargons – it should be listed in Linguistic students reading lists. In regard to the story itself, I do not like Marius!

It’s the first day of March. I started to do gardening again. Spring time!

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  1. 哎~你怎么看到的~好利害!你还好吗在那里?

  2. 恭喜恭喜!

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