Feel the Wool

My Wool Warehouse order arrived! (I had to flag down the postman.) Here they are, snuggling next to each other.


They’re Drops Karisma and Lima. I love them! I love their colour, their texture. Crocheting with them really makes me happy.

Colour of top row, from left:

Two Drops Karisma – Light Grey Green (69) – 50g

Two Drops Karisma – Light Pearl Grey (72) – 50g

One Drops Karisma – Light Blue Grey (70) – 50g

One Drops Karisma – Olive (57) – 50g

One Drops Lima – Pistachio (7219) – 50g

Bottom row, from left:

One (a corner of) Drops Karisma – Medium Grey Mix (21) – 50g

One Drops Karisma – Dark Mustard (52) – 50g

One Drops Karisma – Orange (11) – 50g

One Drops Karisma – Dark Grey Blue (37) – 50g

One Drops Karisma – Light Dusty Pink (66) – 50g

One Drops Lima – Heather (4088) – 50g

Looking closely.



I kind of understand the meaning of “organic” now. Because that’s how my snood has been growing – without a pattern at all. A lot of the stitches are picked from Crochet Workshop by Erika Knight. I’m really happy with the result I get.

This is how it looked at the beginning:


This is the first time I work with pure wool. I just wanted a nice rustic mustard yellow at the beginning. This was the only one caught my eyes. I didn’t regret at all. That dark mustard yellow is one of my favourite colours now (as well as orange, light pearl grey, light grey green… I love all of them).

This is how it looked more recently:


It has grown quite a bit more since this photo was taken. I love randomly picking different crochet stitches from the book and just mix and match. It’s not finished yet. But I’m enjoying every stitch, not really in a hurry. This is not like me at all. I remember how I got really fed up with all those granny squares and baby blankets towards the end of them…

Do you like it? I might write the pattern out if you like it (and for future reference), but I should do it quick or I’ll never be able to do it…

P.S I’ve only shopped wools and yarns with Wool Warehouse so far. But I have no intention to go to other shops. Such straightforward and efficient service!

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1 thought on “Feel the Wool

  1. Ugh, I love these colors. I’m so jealous.

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