Narrow Streets and Narrow Streets

All the tourists like myself were like bees buzzing around, excited for the discovery of a lovely place but didn’t know what exactly I was looking for. Yes this is the end of Wainwright’s famous Coast to Coast Walk and yes I like Wainwright’s writings and drawings and I was very glad to be here. I could see layer upon layer of orangey-red roofs spread in front of my eyes, but there seemed to be only one main street all the way down to the sea. But when I stepped under a tiny bridge connected to a set of stone steps, this lovely view came to my eyes. I knew I found the secret of this place.

The entrance didn’t ask for any attention at all. I still don’t know why I walked in. It was lovely but commonplace in this adorable village. Easily missed. It was so quiet and shy I felt a bit intrusive to go in. We tiptoed into the entrance and found an entirely new Robin Hood’s Bay. I was amazed and speechless, digging desperately in my mind: where did I see this before?

We stood there quietly for a few minutes, expecting to see a friendly granny taking off on a broom, or a rabbit rushing by with a huge pocket watch. It seemed a bit unreal. I can imagine taking engagement photos here. Not wedding photos. Masses of people, the formality of the wedding gown, suit and tie, and music and dance do not belong here. But I’d love to take a set of engagement photo here, either with moonlight or fog in the morning, casual and intimate, just like the atmosphere in the air.

Walking around, we found one narrow street after another. They all have their own character. It gave me a lot of inspiration for a “garden in pots”. I didn’t like the idea of growing things in containers, thought it was always a plan B. But it can look very lovely! These photos were taken at the end of February. Many plants were not green yet. I’m sure Robin Hood’s Bay looks even greener and prettier in the summer. I’ll start experimenting from this spring.

Do you like them? Click to see full size images.

Travel tips: there was no Cash Machine in Robin Hood’s Bay. We were told that the grocery store gave cash back though. Come prepared.

All photos by Rong.

7 thoughts on “Narrow Streets and Narrow Streets

  1. Yes we started from Whitby. Fascinated by the old church. But we haven’t been to the other places you mentioned. Yes it’s a lovely area! We’ll definitely go back :)

  2. Have you been to Staithes or Whitby? I often use the old gill behind the Ship Inn at Saltburn, an old smuggling route, as a setting for ‘Ebton’ in my stories. I grew up just north of there so love the area – not the warmest of places, but great for walking and exploring.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement Annie :) I’m glad you like it!

  4. Hey! I just read your “About me” page and found that you are from a “north-eastern coastal town on the edge of North Yorkshire”! Is it Robin Hood’s Bay? No wonder you know this part of the country well :) yes we enjoyed our visit very much thank you!

  5. I love your photographs and your words are just as good – very imaginative.

  6. Adrienne Shaw 16/03/2014 — 11:26 pm

    Those are beautiful pictures my love. You are a very talented girl! :)

  7. The history of the villages along this part of the coast is very interesting and quite unique. Glad you enjoyed your visit. :)

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