Six years ago in July…

Six years ago in July...The highlight of July has to be my birthday – it was great to go to Kielder Forest to watch stars; it was great to have friends home and squeeze in our small living room chatting and playing games; it was great to receive a little pot of pink calla lilies and a new stainless wok. I have worn the beautiful silk scarf to many weddings and bought new plants with gardening vouchers. Thanks everyone for loving me and spoiling me!

Six years ago in July...

We took photos at a couple’s wedding. To be honest, it was the most challenging wedding we did so far. The bride specifically wanted “green grass”. But on the day we couldn’t even step out of the building because of pouring rain. But we managed some nice shots indoors. They are even better than I expected. We made it up with an extra photo session after the couple came back from honeymoon. More photos to come.

Six years ago in July...

This little funny book is called Living on my own for the 5th year. I brought it with me here from China. The book is about a young girl from a small village in Japan who decided to move to Tokyo and this is the fifth year she lived on her own. There were funny experiences following “sticker men” in supermarkets for reduced items at certain times of each day, a story about getting ill and feeling lonely, suggestions on cooking big pots and storing little portions in the freezer, warnings about watching horror movies, reviews about local pubs if you’re a single girl dining out on your own, lessons about home safety and strangers at the door. All very simple and common, but so real to me during the years I lived on my own in Newcastle. I didn’t have to live on my own for as long as she did though.

July 2008 I landed in London. So this July, officially, I have lived in the UK for six years now. So many things happened. I wouldn’t believe the life I’m living now six years ago, in a very very good way. Thank you Lord for holding my hand and taking me here.

Six years ago in July...

The translation work becomes a bit too heavy for me. Plus all the photo editing, my eyes suffer a bit. So my recent pastime is crochet again. It seems to come back to me, in the middle of summer.

One lesson I learnt is if there’s reduced yarn in John Lewis, buy enough for the project in one go! This scarf becomes pretty expensive now, because I had to order more yarn in full price to finish it… but I do like it every much :)

Six years ago in July...

I’m really looking forward to our next holiday. A walking holiday of course. So weeks in advance, I have been reading about the area and drawing the routes on the map. Can you tell where we going?

Six years ago in July...The sweetest is home grown blueberry from our back garden with homemade ice cream :)

Six years ago in July...






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