September Miscellany 2016

September post is going to be short. I flicked through my diary back and forth a few times, there was nothing noteworthy apart from watching The Secret Life of Walter Mitty a second time and watching Cats in Sunderland Empire theatre. The dance was amazing but the (lack of) story line was confusing. I was going to end the summer with a glorious walking holiday in the Lake District, but it rained and rained. The highlights were that I sat down in a muddy puddle and came downhill with dripping trousers, and our tent nearly got washed away by the storm (but amazingly still kept us dry all night!). For more details of the misery, see here.


This month’s STACK magazine:


The reason for a quiet month? I was finishing off THE magazine! It’s out now. A sigh of happy relief. Here it is:

Journey magazine

Some of you might have read about it from last month’s post or heard about it in various ways – Journey is a Christian magazine by international students, first and foremost for international students. You never know, maybe one day it will even receive a STACK award! But for now, I’m content with the fact that it’s launched, given out to readers and received positive feedback. Praise God!





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