April in Japan – Kanazawa Rained

0313 + 1025 = 0406 Kanazawa

This is a blog post about our day on 6 April in Kanazawa, written on 10 March 2015 and 25 October 2016 (I know I know, I can’t quite believe it either… but hey better late than never). 10 March is in black. 25 October is in red italic. I’m glad I wrote everything down in the travel journal. If you’d like to read stories from the previous days of the travel, search “April in Japan” on top of my blog.

The breakfast from the onsen ryokan (hot spring hotel) was as grand as the dinner the night before, making full English breakfast look really informal.

We reluctantly changed out of our lovely onsen outfit and paid a big bill before leaving unwillingly, looking back every three steps. The same staff girl who welcomed us in yesterday bowed and waved goodbye, and shyly disappeared behind the sliding wooden door when we tried to take a photo of her in front of the old onsen house.

The morning of 6th of April will be spent on two to three different buses, arriving in Kanazawa at about lunch time. A relaxing day in Kanazawa. No compulsory tourist spots. It depends on what we would do on Friday afternoon. Maybe we’ll have another sushi and sashimi feast in Omicho market?

April in Japan - Into the Japanese Alps

There was a side story. After leaving the UK for seven days, my British husband was dying for a cup of coffee and a slice of cake for the first time. So we went to a western style cafe in Takayama in a random street. There were some friendly Swedish tourists also dying for something western there. I felt really sorry that we put pressure on the only staff, a young girl, because she was diligently producing juice from fruit and our bus time was fast approaching. It was also there I felt the power and magic of language and I was glad of it. Her serious and stressed facial expression dissolved and her eyes shined at my compliment of her cheesecake, even though all I was able to offer was a short “tasty” in Japanese and a grin.

After a few buses, we arrived in Kanazawa at 3pm. We learnt our lesson and got on a sightseeing bus to Kenroku-en, one of the top three gardens in Japan.

April in Japan - Kanazawa Rained

April in Japan - Kanazawa Rained

April in Japan - Kanazawa Rained

April in Japan - Kanazawa Rained

April in Japan - Kanazawa Rained

Our high spirit of seeing one of the best gardens in Japan (for free as well) was dampened by the relentless drizzle (just like England). We were not soaking wet, but freezing to the bone and exhausted somehow. Catching the last sightseeing bus, we escaped back to the hostel.

However, there is a very important task this evening. I need to check how the cherry blossom is doing in Kyoto! During the cherry blossom weeks, there are websites closely monitoring and diligently reporting cherry blossom all over the country. There are so many places I want to see in Kyoto, I can’t make up my mind at all. So hopefully, real time forecast can help me out a bit.

My husband just convinced me that we wouldn’t need a portable Wifi router. Alright. Let’s see how advanced Japan’s free internet infrastructure is. We survived without any internet at all.

The kimono rental place in Nara also confirmed my booking and said, we’re really busy on that day, you might need to wait! I thought the whole point of making an appointment is that I don’t need to wait? Well I did had to wait for over an hour in Nara. At least I got the warning…

Next day, to KYOTO!




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