Elliot, Kana & Bump

I saw Kana racing in small steps towards me as fast as she could, holding fast Elliot’s hand. I waved at her and shouted “don’t run” in disbelief across the square in front of Durham Cathedral. She replied with a big grin. Full of life, full of fun.

It was a beautiful autumn day. We took a train from Newcastle and met Kana and Elliot for maternity photos. When we chatted about it beforehand, I asked Kana, what kind of maternity photo would you like? Sexy naked ones? Kana corrected me with a 180 degree shake of the head, “NO! MY BELLY IS TOO…!” Then we laughed. I had to say, it was an unexpected adjective.

Elliot, Kana & Bump

I love how Elliot is almost always either holding Kana or looking at her, keeping her steady going downhill or walking on fallen leaves. Very sweet!

Elliot, Kana & Bump

We chatted over a cup of hot chocolate after the photo shoot. Being two pairs of cross-cultural couples, there seemed to be a lot of things we could easily relate to each other, which was super cosy (if you can call a conversation that)! I can imagine Elliot being a gentle loving father and Kana needs looking after as much as the baby does!

I will miss you and look forward to seeing your lovely baby!






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